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GodWarriors in the Web Store

Jun. 01, 2013 - Now that a new version is finally out, we are pleased to announce that GodWarriors is available on Chrome Web Store. We also want to present a new plugin made to manage multiple accounts and characters. Called myLogWarriors, this plugin is available in the Members Area, o...

Next Game: Footatis

Feb. 22, 2013 - What would be the result of GodWarriors's amazing combat system integrated to a Football/Soccer game? The answer is a new web-based game called Footatis (code name): Create your team, enroll players, choose a strategy and play against the world but this time, you are REA...

GodWarriors: New Version Coming

Feb. 21, 2013 - After more than 6 years of development (V3 came out late 2006) and 4 months of beta-testing, the new version of GodWarriors, also called V4, is almost done. Stay tuned and be ready to fight new waves of legendary warriors at the end of March this year!

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